Homesteading – Sustainable Living – Preparedness

Welcome Homesteaders!

In today’s world, life can get pretty hectic.

Let’s face it with the costs of food skyrocketing, the constant threat of chemicals in our food supply, and the dwindling resources and infrastructure that plagues our country the need for sustainability and sufficiency has become increasingly more and more important.


Your life is in your hands, there is no-one who will hand you a sustainable lifestyle. Through homesteading this lifestyle can be accomplished, as well as living a healthier one.

Being a modern day homesteader does not mean that you have to sacrifice all that you have come accustomed too, nor does it mean that you must subject yourself and your family to life as a pioneer.



A sustainable lifestyle can be attained no matter if you have 100 acres of land or a concrete balcony in your apartment complex.

So I encourage you to follow along with me on the journey to a sustainable life built around homesteading.

This is your first step of your journey to The Life and Times of a Modern Family Homestead.



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